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Due to the corona-virus pandemic we are sad to announce that the European congress of psychomotricity 2021 has been canceled.

We thank everyone involved for their dedicated worked and commitment.

For further information of future congress planning please check the website of the European Forum of Psychomotricity:


7th EFP-Congress 2021 at the University of Marburg/Germany:


Manifold societal changes lead to corresponding changes in the patterns in which people move their bodies and perceive the world.

The increase in the diagnosis of psychological conditions and more widespread prescription of pharmaceutical medication of children and young people point to unresolved problems.

The medialisation our leisure time; new forms of communication; verbal and physical violence; globalisation and the fear of an uncertain future are just a few social issues that impact the way our minds and bodies operate. These changes require new theoretical approaches to bodily movement, as well as concrete practices to support wellbeing and development.

Which movement-oriented support can the discipline of Psychomotricity offer? What are the current scientific discourses in this field and what answers come from practitioners?

This congress examines social changes and the related challenges to bodily movement from the viewpoint of Psychomotricity in order to advance the discipline’s theoretical and practical development.

This unique congress will draw in work from across national borders to find common ground and identify differences with regards to contemporary theory and practice. New theoretical possibilities will be discussed and tested in practice to explore the potential of transnational synergy in the field.


Prof. Dr. Martin Vetter
Delegate of Gemany


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